Thetford & District MCC Constitution & Club Rules  


Thetford & District Motorcycle club was formed in 2001.The aims of the club are:

To promote and encourage motorcycling in general and to provide a focus for motorcycling activities, to encourage and promote a better image of motorcycling to the public by participating in charity events and supporting were possibly the local community, to create an atmosphere where bikers can have fun.

The management of the club shall be the duty of the elected committee. Sub-committees may be formed to undertake specific tasks as deemed necessary by the committee.

The committee (ammended on 2nd February 2017) shall comprise as many members as is deemed necessary to maintain and fulfill the needs of the club and its members. Where possible this should include the following:




(BMF Liaison Officer

Events Co-ordinator


The committee will have the responsibility of filling any committee positions (on a temporary basis) which become vacant during the year until the following AGM.

The club shall be governed in the member’s interests only and independent of personnel interest

A report and balance sheet of expenditure and fund raising will be presented at the Annual General Meeting, which can be viewed by any fully paid up member of the club.

The Club will continue to remain in existence and abide by the constitution and club rules, while ever there is a minimum of six paying members.


Club Rules:  

The club shall be known as Thetford and District Motorcycle Club


Members wishing to join the committee must have been a member for a minimum of six months, members should apply in writing, and the application form must be seconded by a member and be submitted to the Chairperson on or before the first meeting in January of each year.  

The committee will be voted in by the membership at the AGM which shall be the first meeting in February every two years. The committee shall consist of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, (Event Co-ordinator, BMF Liaison Officer, Social Media Officer and groundperson).

Any change to the membership fee or meeting night fee will be agreed at the AGM meeting or if deemed necessary. 

Nomination for Member of the year award shall be nominated no later than the last meeting prior to the AGM, The Member of the year will be voted in by secret ballet on the night of the AGM. Only club members from the previous year’s membership are eligible to vote.   

 Each member shall receive a copy of the club rules upon request.  

Annual membership fees are renewable before the end of March and shall be at the discretion of the responsible club committee member.  

The addition or retraction of any rule can only be made at the club AGM or an EGM meeting.  

Each member who attends a meeting shall pay an entry fee of £3.

When accompanied by a paid up member, children under the age of 16 or dependent adults shall be exempt from meeting fees. Qualification as a dependent adult is at the discretion of the committee. 

Any member, who introduces a person into the club, will receive access to one meeting night free of charge.   

Membership application shall be made in person to any committee member at any club meeting or official event. Acceptance of membership is not guaranteed and shall be at the discretion of the club committee.  

Any previous member attending a meeting after the end of March who has not paid to re-join will be required to pay £3.50 at each meeting. If the member intends to re-join on that evening then the meeting fee will still be £3.  

Any club expenditure over £250 shall be agreed by the membership, on club meeting nights.  

Any member not complying with the club rules or is found to be a disruptive influence within the club, may be fined which will mean that the person(s) responsible membership will be terminated and he or she will have to re join at the current membership cost should they wish to do so, or their membership may be terminated with immediate effect and will not be eligible for membership until the following February, this action can only be carried out by the club following a committee decision.  

Committee decisions can only be made with a minimum of 3 committee members.  

 Members who are issued free show entry tickets, who do not then attend the show, will be fined the equivalent amount of the additional ticket price, which then shall be given to the member(s) who has purchased an additional ticket. This will be given in priority to which the tickets were ordered. 

The club or its officials can not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by persons or property through accidents or carelessness by any of the members or persons attending club meetings or events. The responsibility in all cases must be accepted by the offenders.    

Members are responsible for adhering to the rules in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of the rules of the club, to accept the decision of the clubs committee as final and binding.  

All speed limits to be observed in the Thetford Boundaries when riding to or from the meeting place.  

No excessive revving of engines or excessive acceleration when leaving or arriving at the meeting place.


Ride Out Rules:  

All members attending an official club rideout must make sure that there equipment is legal and suitable for purpose.

When leaving as a group from ride out stops or when travelling through areas were the speed limit is less than sixty miles per hour all speed limits must be observed.  

All speed limits to be observed in the Thetford Boundaries when riding to or from the meeting place.  

Following Recent changes in the traffic regulations please note! With reference to speeding, In any group rideout the leading bike could be subject to a lot more severe charges if caught speeding, it is classed as inciting a race on the public highway and can be subject to a more severe penalty, In a recent case the rear rider of a group of four bikes was charged with doing in excess of 90mph the lead rider was also charged with this speed and the more severe charge of inciting a race even though he was actually within the speed limit. When riding in a group please remember to keep this in mind.

No excessive revving of engines or excessive acceleration when leaving or arriving at the meeting place.  

Any member not complying with the ride out rules may be warned about their conduct by the rideout co-ordinator or the rideout leader. In extreme cases or if guilty of persistent lack of compliance they may be asked to leave the rideout and may be reported to the committee. This may result in further action being taken in line with the general rules of the club.


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